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Rank in the publications of the Ministry of Science (2022): A

ISC Rank 2020: Q1

ISC IF 2021: 0.788

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Number of accepted articles 219 

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Number of days to accept the article 119 

Acceptance percentage 19 

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File download ratio per article 950.71

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Country of printing: Iran

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Printing editions: Quarterly

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Using the similarity system: Yes (Hamyab) 



The international studies journal (quarterly periodical) is a scientific journal which started its activities based on a regulation No. 25685/11 issued by ministry of research, science and technology on April 29, 2019.

For the kind attention of respected authors, Please consider this point that publishing articles in ISJ involves expenses.

For obtaining more information regarding the related costs, you can refer to the articles acceptance process in the journal information menu. For getting information regarding the arrangement of articles, you can refer to the guidance for authors. 

ISJ is a Gold Open Access Journal

Current Issue: Volume 20, Issue 4 - Serial Number 80, April 2024, Pages 7-348 

Original Article from Result of Thesis

Mechanisms and Measures of the International Legal System to Protect United Nations Peacekeepers

Pages 201-218


Mohammad Ali Valipour; Karan Rohani; Mohammad Razavirad

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