Guide for Authors

1. Articles sent to the journal should be between 5500 to 7000 words, articles abstract between 150 and 200 Words and the Keywords between 5 and 7 words.

2. Articles should be written in word software and be sent through the system.

3.  In a separate file, the authors profile and ways of contact with correspondent writer should be included.

The name of the author or authors, their academic rank and grade by specifying the author or authors identification, email address, be listed below the title of the article.

4. If the article is taken from a research project, thesis or dissertation, to insert the related descriptions in it, the article titled starred with number and the description will be in the footnote below the first page of the article.

5. Articles contain title, abstract (including the general statement about the subject, the main question, research method and overall results ) the keywords, introduction (including the statement of the problem, the questions and hypothesis, objectives and methods of research paper, without being ticked separately) subject background (including the least review and evaluation of three similar works) the main text, conclusions and resources, the abstract and the keywords in English be at the end of the article.

6. The English terms are inserted in the footnote below the text of the article.

7. For references, each source is summarized in brackets (author’s Surname, publication year : page number) within the text of the article: "Example: (Mirsheimer, 1390: 83-80)" and be like end of the reference at the end of the citation, subtitles under the title of the resource by separating the sources of English and English sources in alphabetical order:

8. About the book: Author’s surname, Author’s name (year of publication), book title, translator's name and surname, place of publication, publishing time.



- Ahmadi, A., Kameli, A. (2012). How to Write the References. Translated by Ashkan Boromand, Tehran: Bokhara, Third Edition. [In Persian]

- Chubin, S., Elleman, M. (1994). Iran's National Security Policy: Capabilities, Intentions and Impact. Washington DC: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


9. About the article: Author’s surname, Author’s name (year of publication), “article title”, translator's name and surname, name of the journal, publication period, journal’s number, publication chapter, article’s page numbers in the journal).



- Fakheri, M., Hamedani, M. (2019). The Process of Latin American Integration in 21 Century. International Studies Journal, 16(3), 53-71. [In Persian]

- Lilli, E. (2018). Debating US Military Strategy in the Persian Gulf: What is the Way Forward?. Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional, Vol. 61(1), 2-18.


10. About the site and other electronic resources, author’s surname, author’s name (publication or access date),

"Article’s Title", translator's name, website address or electronic source.



- Forati, A. (2016). An Introduction to Two Different Approaches to Cultural Islam, Hawzah Notices Site, February 16, at: [In Persian]

- Elleman, M., RoUhi, M. (2019). The IRGC Gets into the Space-Launch Business. IISS, May 1, at:



11. regarding English resources and other languages, similarly the same rules should be followed in the case of books, article, site and other electronic resources.


12. The Authors must be register in ORCID site with this link: and must be enter your ORCID number in personal information page of ISJ site.