Peer Review Process

Important point. Publishing an article in international studies journal (ISJ) contains cost which is received from the authors. The preliminary cost of reviewing an article is 500,000 Rls (Fifty Thousands Rls.) and the cost of publishing an article if accepted is four million and five hundred thousand Rls (four hundred and fifty thousand Tomans). (The form of the payment is described as below).

1. The international studies journal (ISJ) accepts only those articles which deal with international relationship issues.

2. The international studies journal (ISJ) reviews only those articles which have been sent to it through its electronic systems.

3. The author / authors, who are supposed to submit articles to the international studies journal, should read the author's guide page on the same system and arrange their articles accordingly.

4. After submitting the article by the author or authors, the international studies journal (ISJ) will review the subject and its overall relevance and if it is in line with the objectives and subject of the journal, the author or authors will be notified via the same system to pay a preliminary review fee for continued revision by a specialist. The initial cost of the survey is 50,000 Tomans. (If the article is not consistent with the goals and subject of the journal, the issue is also notified to the author or authors through the same system and this does not require any payment.)

5. At this stage, if the specialized secretary of the International Studies Journal (ISJ) recognize the article with the standards of the journal; he will refer it to the jury’s board for assessment. (If the article from the secretary‘s point of view does not have the standard criteria and be rejected, the author or authors will be notified through the same system. Please note that the initial review fee will not be refunded.)

6. At this stage, two referees with specialization in the subject will evaluates the article (for free) whose views will be communicated to the author or authors of the article through the same system.

The subject jurors of international studies journal (ISJ) have the discretion to accept or reject the article or ask the writer or author to correct it. If the article is rejected by the judges, the author or authors will be notified from the same system. Please note that the initial review fee will not be refunded.

7. If one of the reviewers rejects the article and the other judge accept it, or accept it with modifications, the article will be referred to the third referee for thematic consideration so that he would announce his comments. In this connection, the criterion for decision making in (ISJ) for accepting or rejecting an article would be two votes from three judges.

8. At this stage, after making modifications desired by the reviewers, the modified article will be sent to the journal via the same system in order to be reviewed again and if the opinions of the referees are fulfilled, the article will be accepted by the International Studies Journal (ISJ) and through the same system, the author or authors will be notified.

9. After the author or the authors of the article became aware of its admission in the International Studies Journal (ISJ), it is required to receive an admission certificate through the same system and pay the fee for admission to the journal till the article is published at an expected time.

The final acceptance fee is four hundred and fifty thousand Tomans.

10. After the acceptance of an article by International Studies (ISJ) the authors are required to follow steps such as printing, literary editing, scientific editing and page editing in their article and send the article through the same system for the journal at an arranged time. (If the writer or writers does not make those changes at the stipulated time, their printing will be delayed.)

11. If after initial evaluation, the writer or writers want to retrieve the article from the International Studies Journal (ISJ), firstly no cost will be refunded to them and secondly returning the article will require a fine of 50 thousand Tomans.

12. The author or writers are committed to do the modifications in each stage from the same system in which they will be informed; otherwise the article will be removed from the review process before the acceptance and will be delayed at each stage after the admission.

13. The author or authors are required to announce a mobile phone number to the International studies journal (ISJ). Because in addition to informing the writer or writers from its system and email, it will also inform them through SMS system.